A demanding and dynamic supplier policy

A supplier base that is reliable, competitive and innovative

LEMAN INDUSTRIE maintains stable, long-lasting partnerships with around a hundred specialised suppliers: suppliers of materials (metals and plastics), suppliers of surface treatments and heat treatments, suppliers of equipment and automations, specialised design offices, lathes, etc. All of them have at least ISO 9001 certification and an excellent command of the tests and monitoring required by their profession. Our policy is oriented towards the continuous improvement of quality, competitiveness and innovation.

Proven validation and evaluation processes

Our supplier validation process includes an advanced study of technical expertise (in design offices), production resources and collaborative capabilities.
Every year, Leman Industrie evaluates the supplier base using a grid that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001 at a minimum. This grid includes various economic, qualitative and logistical criteria. If a quality alert is detected, we reinforce our monitoring immediately.

We evaluate and monitor suppliers in the four elements of our group’s purchasing policy:
– economic performance and productivity (strength of proposals etc.)
– general quality (certification, quality alert etc.)
– logistics (service rate, electronic data interchange (EDI), batch size etc.)
– processes and practices around innovation & continuous improvement

Co-development and collaborative agility

LEMAN INDUSTRIE is well-versed in co-development. Beyond our know-how in cutting, tooling, injection, overmoulding, machining and assembly, our competence in engineering is at the heart of our positioning and allows us to provide each customer with optimised solutions in terms of production technology. Our high level of expertise in project management and our multi-site structure mean we can use skills on an as-needed basis and meet the specific requirements of each project (such as prototyping localisation, working with a specific supplier of materials necessary, etc.).

Our suppliers are trained in this collaborative method. When they reach the status of ‘premium supplier’, they can get involved in developing solutions and in project engineering on a co-business basis.

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