Human resources: a strategic priority

The development of the LEMAN INDUSTRIE group is driven by nearly 1,000 employees whose skills, commitment and inter-relationships are at the heart of all projects. This human strength is the main asset for meeting customer expectations, meeting challenges and supporting market developments.

Making progress together

The group’s continuous improvement strategy implicates and benefits its entire workforce and is reflected in HR policy action plans and resources, including:

  • Regularly updated, detailed job descriptions
  • Customised induction plans, including surveys in which new hires give feedback about the company
  • Individual progress reviews (in addition to mandatory professional reviews)
  • Training plans designed in response to customer audits, changes in personal circumstances and regulatory requirements
  • Inter-site and inter-role in-house training programmes
  • Quality, environment and safety awareness and training
  • etc.

Cultivating “practical intelligence”

Each production site has a department dedicated to the implementation of the HR policy adapted to its needs.

All share a common set of values ​​and are motivated to develop employee empowerment and autonomy.

This culture is the crucible of the “practical intelligence” of the LEMAN INDUSTRIE group, driven by the permanent desire to :

  • master the technical skills,
  • listen and provide solutions to the Client,
  • demonstrate common sense, ingenuity and intuition,
  • be authentic, go to the end of your convictions,
  • develop critical thinking in the service of reliability,
  • practice collaborative benevolence,
  • be curious and open to experimentation.

From an organizational point of view, this translates in particular into strong functional agility (versatility), close and proactive management, direct cross-functional relations and constant concern for quality.

Professional equality index Women – Men

In France, equal pay for equivalent positions between women and men in companies is subject to an obligation of results. Every year, companies with at least 50 employees publish the gender equality index.

The gender equality index for LEMAN INDUSTRIE is 86%.


Because training young people in our professions and those of tomorrow is important to us, we recruit apprentices throughout the year.

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