Aeronautics: reliable solutions for a demanding sector

The LEMAN Industrie group’s quality management system and engineering skills deliver secure project management and technical support specifically adapted to the demands of the aeronautical sector. Its multi-technology proficiency and expertise in a highly demanding market offer optimised product solutions, with the strictest respect for Quality, Security and Environmental standards.

Engineering performance

Experienced in co-design and in simultaneous engineering processes, the LEMAN Industrie group combines its skills in engineering with rigorous compliance to QSE standards. Its multi-technology know-how ensures the most appropriate technical production solution to every need in terms of aeronautic parts and sub-assemblies.

Process expertise

With dedicated production processes and multi-faceted know-how in metal cutting, thermoplastic injection and hybrid techniques, the LEMAN Industrie group, equipped with an impressive production fleet, offers a raft of product solutions able to meet the demands of the aeronautical market.

Examples of applications