Thermoplastic injection moulding performance

As the LEMAN Industrie group’s second major area of expertise, developed in 1991 on the Marignier site in France, the injection of thermoplastic materials and thermoplastic elastomers offers a wide range of innovative solutions in markets with major technological demands and technical requirements. Intended for moulding parts and sub-assemblies, the injection process, combined with various LEMAN Industrie procedures, provides innovative solutions for the production of parts with specific characteristics (attachment, insulation, watertightness, technical parts, visual parts, etc.).

Technical know-how and extensive capacity

LEMAN Industrie specialises in designing tools and has a machinery fleet of 100 automated vertical and horizontal injection presses (pressure of 22 to 500 T – injection of 1 to 150 grammes) divided across its seven production sites. A large-tonnage press (500 T) is dedicated to multi-cavity moulding. Machinery investments may be made for some specific projects.

The strict updating of LEMAN Industrie tools and the diverse range of thermoplastic materials used (polymers and composites) ensure an extensive array of technical possibilities, a high production rate and optimal quality.