Mechatronics at the service of innovation

Consisting of 7 production sites with high-performance machinery and interconnected by a solid transversal organization, the LEMAN INDUSTRIE group favors direct relationships, internally and externally, secured by competent employees and proven processes.




Subcontractor & partner of the automotive sector The group’s international presence, its extensive experience as a subcontractor in the automotive sector, its multi-technology expertise, its financial solidity and strong capacity management make LEMAN Industrie a privileged partner for automotive customers. Its twin expertise in metals and plastics, its engineering skills and the implementation of dedicated […]


Components, parts, sub-assemblies and products for all types of equipment For forty years, the LEMAN Industrie group has been co-developing and manufacturing plastic and/or metal components, parts, sub-assemblies and products used in railway, aeronautical, sports, electrical and industrial equipment. The group’s complete command of the production process and its international presence enable it to offer […]