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    Mechatronics at the service of automotive innovation and vehicle electrification

    La mécatronique au service de l’innovation automobile et de l’électrification des véhicules

    A leitmotiv shared by the entire automotive sector, environmental requirements are accelerating the pace of innovations aimed at the electrification and hybridization of vehicles:

    • battery electric vehicles (BEV)
    • hybrid electric vehicles (HEV)
    • fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV)

    These innovations have an impact in particular on strategic vehicle functions such as:

    • engine control (ECU),
    • battery monitoring (BMS),
    • power devices (PCU, IGBT, SIC),
    • or the improvement of continuously variable transmission (CVT) systems.

    Succeeding in these technological changes requires the development and industrialization of complex mechatronic parts, involving the expert combination of different materials, components and know-how.


    • Engineering / Prototyping / Tooling
    • Cutting / Stamping
    • Machining / Turning
    • Treatments
    • Injection / Overmolding
    • Assembly / Wiring…
    • Control
    • Packaging

    LEMAN INDUSTRIE contributes to this transformation by providing advanced mechatronic solutions: busbars, block capacitor, specific connectors, sensor supports, wiring, etc.

    Our strenghts

    To meet the technical and industrial challenges of innovations in the automotive sector

    To provide you with reliable automotive components and sub-assemblies under the best conditions


    • Multi-business expertise
    • Advanced Engineering
    • Capacity power
    • Dedicated processes


    • Certified organisation
    • ISO 9001
    • IATF 16949
    • ISO 14001
    • Lean Manufacturing and 5S


    • Commitment to sustainable industrial progress
    • R&D program dedicated to the latest technology vehicles

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      About Leman Industrie

      Looking for an industrial partner, specialist in advanced mechatronic solutions for automotive innovation?

      LEMAN Industrie, is more than 50 years of innovation and expertise in the design and manufacture of high value-added parts and sub-assemblies alongside major global manufacturers and equipment manufacturers as well as with regional manufacturers.

      Because of your unique and specific needs, LEMAN Industrie develops innovative technical and industrial solutions, taking into account a global approach to the product and its environment.