Engineering, 100% dedicated to customer projects

With the aim of optimising costs and technical, productive and logistical decision-making, the Engineering service studies the operating environment, technical specifications, standards-related requirements and processes needed for each project.

It is supported by the group’s R&D unit, has contacts in each subsidiary, and is experienced in collaborative work with customer design offices. Every project and every customer is given personal attention, with a direct point of contact and a dedicated team.

  • Co-development: validation/adaptation of technical specifications (materials, design, process, etc.), technical recommendations, studies (rheological, metrological, flatness, etc.)
  • Software/CAD: Catia, ProEngineer, Euclid, Moldflow
  • Tests: prototyping, modelling, pre-production runs
  • Industrialisation and project management: process design, dedicated investments, approval applications, logistics optimisation (global approach to supply chain), related procedures