The spirit of service

A powerful lever for development dynamics

In keeping with its commitment to customer support, LEMAN Industrie steers its development strategies according to technical advances and the markets.

Expansion and renewal of machine fleets, strengthening of design resources, sectoral and geographical deployment, and specific logistics solutions: every decision is intended to provide an optimal product solution, adapted to the needs of the customer.

From customer relations to production, there is one common objective: service quality

  • 5% of LÉMAN Industrie’s business activity is in engineering services: co-development, implementation of dedicated services, etc.
  • The group’s solidity in terms of its finances and capacity allows it to support customer development, through the provision of dedicated lines, specialised inspections, and ad hoc investments and logistics solutions.
  • Every area of expertise is supported by multi-technology proficiency and close working relationships.
  • Feedback pooling underpins the group’s efficient organisation, driven by continuous improvement in practices and processes (common to all subsidiaries), ensuring optimal service quality.