Equipped for production

Skilled employees

Sales agents, engineers, project managers, technicians, all with tried and tested experience in global project management, LÉMAN Industrie has over 1200 employees across its seven production sites.

The group prides itself on listening closely to the precise needs of its customers. Its Engineering department, accessible via each of its production sites, is able to implement dedicated or innovative projects according to the technical challenge to be met.

Optimal production capacities

LÉMAN Industrie’s industrial know-how and multi-sectoral expertise in the areas of cutting, injection, overmoulding and assembly meet all the expectations and demands in these markets. The group’s scalable, high-performance machine fleet, available in each subsidiary, includes:

  • More than 120 punch presses (20 to 400 T, 0.1 to 5 mm, up to 700 strokes/min)
  • More than 100 injection presses (from 22 to 500 T)
  • Dedicated assembly lines, both manual and automated.


  • Turnover: €49.5 M (LEMAN INDUSTRIE), 35 M (EMT INDUSTRIE)
  • Turnover from exports: 43%
  • (Eastern Europe: 19%, Europe: 9%, China: 8%, Africa: 3%, USA: 3%, India: 1%)
  • Distribution of turnover by sector: 24% cutting, 47% injection/overmoulding, 24% assembly, 5% engineering

Evolution of turnover

evolution CA Leman industrie